WordPress is an open-source program free to download WordPress and made with PHP language which helps to create and manage your website easily with tons of features and its add-ons called Plugins.

It holds almost 40% of Websites on internet today. It’s first choice for everyone becouse it have easy to use interface.

what-is-WordPress-by-onlytopcontentWhat is WordPress and how to download and install on your website for free
what is wordpress

Why WordPress is very popular in comparison with other websites management platforms?

why wordpress is very popular what-is-WordPress-by-onlytopcontentWhat is WordPress and how to download and install on your website for free
why wordpress is very popualar?

1. WordPress is available for free to download and use

Yes, anyone can download WordPress for free and install it on his website without paying anything in advance or any subscription.

2. WordPress is highly customizable

With the availability of tons of free and paid themes and can customise to his website’s interface without any knowledge of coding languages like Java, HTML, PHP etc.

3. Availability of a large number of free and paid plugins

To extend the features of WordPress there are a large number of plugins(Add-ons) available which help in automating your WordPress website.

4. WordPress is beautiful and modern

There are a large number of WordPress because it is the open-source software. They keep on improving its features and working to provide a better experience to users.

5. WordPress is versatile and can run any type of websites

It doesn’t matter what type of website you’re using on WordPress a business site, blog, photography site, portfolio or e-commerce site etc WordPress can easily be integrated with your site with enhanced features.

What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

wordpress.com-vs-wordpress.org what-is-WordPress-by-onlytopcontentWhat is WordPress and how to download and install on your website for free

WordPress.com gives you permission to host your website on their servers with their subdomain for free. if you want to host your own domain without WordPress branding you may have to pay a small fee. And there are several limitations like you can’t able to use all themes and plugins available for WordPress.

WordPress.org is also free but your website must have its own hosting and domain name. With WordPress.org you have full access to all themes and plugins available for WordPress.

How to download and install WordPress for free on your website?

how-to-install-WordPress-on-Website-vs-wordpress.org what-is-WordPress-by-onlytopcontentWhat is WordPress and how to download and install on your website for free

1. Download WordPress as a zip file

Visit WordPress official download page http://wordpress.org/download/ and download WordPress package as a zip file to your local storage.

2. Upload WordPress file to your FTP hosting account

  1. Login into your hosting account(Cpanel) and search for file manager there.
  2. Go to the root directory of your website in which you want to install WordPress.
  3. Upload your WordPress.zip file which you downloaded from WordPress official website.
  4. Now extract zip file there.
  5. After successful extracting, you can delete WordPress.zip file from your FTP.

3. Now create MySQL user and database

  1. Visit your hosting (Cpanel) account.
  2. Find and visit MySQL database option there
  3. Click on create a new database
  4. Create your Username and password and make sure to write it somewhere.
  5. Now add user to a database and click allow all privileges (you will find this option in the same page after scrolling)
  6. Now click on save.

4. Configure wp-config file from FTP

  1. Visit your hosting’s (Cpanel) FTP again
  2. Now check the setting on FTP enabled to show hidden files or (.) Files
  3. Click on public_html
  4. locate the wp-config-sample.php file and click on rename it
  5. Find database_name_here in file and replace with MySQL username which your created earlier
  6. Replace username_here with the username of the database you created earlier.
  7. Replace default text on field password here with new password that you have created earlier.
  8. Now click on save changes to Save your activity.

4. Run WordPress installation on your site

Open a new tab in your browser and visit your website like http://example.com/wp-admin/install.php

For example https://onlytopcontent.com/wp-admin/install.php

5. Complete the WordPress Installation

Enter your details like username, password, email address and make sure to save it somewhere and done

6. Now login to your website’s WordPress panal

Now enter your website like https://onlytopcontent.com/wp-admin

And enter your WordPress username and password.

How to easily install WordPress using Cpanel

1. Login to your Cpanel hosting

Open a new tab and login to your hosting dashboard and go to your website’s Cpanel

2. Find softaculous WordPress installer

Scroll your page and you will see softaculous option there

3. Click on install and enter your details

Enter your username, password and remove wp from field after your WordPress site

4. Click on install

Now click on install and wait for few seconds and done.

5. Login to your website’s WordPress dashboard

Now enter your website like https://onlytopcontent.com/wp-admin and enter your WordPress login details and you’re in.

Which are the best and fastest SEO friendly WordPress themes

1. Generate press

It is the fastest wordpress theme i had seen ever and best thing is its free version is available on internet with a lot of customization options

2. Astra

It is 2nd fastest wordpress theme with many demos and a lot of customization

3. Neve

It it faster theme with a lot of customization options

4. Ocean Wp

If you are looking for a free theme with a lot of demos then ocean wp is best choice

5. Schema

It is one of the best SEO friendly themes which helps you to rank faster on google.

How to design your WordPress website professionally in cost?

You can visit https://websiteuiux.com for website designing at low-cost wit free hosting and professional Email with 1 month free WordPress maintenance.

Examples of wordpress website

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